PRT Broadcaster is the first dedicated tool for the Windows user to enable both PODCASTS and LIVE WEBCASTS using SHOUTcast technology.

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Main Mixer (PRT Broadcaster)

Have a look!

Created to look like audio gear, PRT Broadcaster uses simple user interface design elements that are found in physical studio equipment. The software interface is intuitive making it easy to quickly understand how each tool works.

And each app is 100% Windows 7/8/10 Compatible.

PRT Broadcaster LITE
(Podcast Studio, Broadcast Encoder)

PRT Broadcaster LIVE
(Podcast Studio, Broadcast Encoder, DSP Effects, Simulcast, DJ Mixer, Sampler)

PRT Broadcaster STUDIO
(Podcast Studio, Broadcast Encoder, DSP Effects, Simulcast, DJ Mixer, Sampler, Radio Automation)

Do You Podcast?

Podcasting is an area that is growing and will continue to grow rapidly. PRT Broadcaster is a LOW COST solution to get you started with a PRO STUDIO setup.

With our software you can both RECORD your Podcast and even GO LIVE via streaming over SHOUTcast. This makes our tool the most verstile software for Podcasting today for Windows users.

Live Stream with SHOUTcast

Get started with internet radio broadcasting! Now you can LIVE STREAM from anywhere using PRT Broadcaster. No need to buy anything else. Our default stream and relay/simulcast screens show you all the stats on each channel during Live Streaming (web casting) over SHOUTcast.

Just plug in your own mic or mixer and the world is now listening to your event.

Encoder (PRT Broadcaster)



What is PRT Broadcaster?

PRT Broadcaster is a Podcast Studio and an Internet Radio Broadcaster in one application. It features all the functionality needed for Podcasting and running an Internet Radio Station from a single computer.

We have three 'flavors': LITE, LIVE & STUDIO.

Is it easy to use?

The whole concept behind PRT Broadcaster was to eliminate all the compexity and mystery of Internet Radio Broadcasting and Podcasting that you see in so many of the apps and software out there today.

So yes it's easy to use.

Is there support?

Our team is made up of people who are dedicated and who want to help you in every way possible. Our site has how-to pages, video tutorials, and a comprehensive easy to use Ticket System.

Fast dedicated support.



Compare LITE, LIVE & STUDIO Features

Below is the breakdown of all the features in each of the three versions of PRT Broadcaster. Each one carries a different toolset made to suit the needs of the three various levels of online internet broadcasting.


Active 2 Channel Mixer (Microphone & Loopback Audio)
SHOUTcast Live Stream Encoder
LIVE STREAM Relay/Simulcast Panel
WAV/MP3 Capture (Recording) Function
Segment Timer Console
On Air Status Panel
Multi Function LED Displays
Master Volume Control
DSP Effect _ Band-Pass Hi-Lo Filter
DSP Effect _ Compressor/Limiter
DSP Effect _ Modular 3-Band Parametric Equalizer
DSP Effect _ Automatic Gain Control, Dynamic Amp
Pro Sampler, 8-pad controller
DJ mixer w/ Smart Crossfading and Autoplay
10-Band Precision Equalizer
MP3 Track Spectrum Analyzer
Royalty Free Jingles Library
Royalty Free Sound Effects Library
Mix Level Control Panel
Radio Automation Suite
Automation Status Panel
Dual Deck Playlist Autiomation Player
Playlist Creator/Editor with Time Management
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