(Go LIVE using Icecast & SHOUTcast. Make Podcasts Easy & Quickly.)


PRT Broadcaster STUDIO 2017

For Icecast and SHOUTcast Podcasts and Internet Radio.


Active 2 Channel Mixer (Microphone & Loopback Audio) SHOUTcast Live Stream Encoder LIVE STREAM Relay/Simulcast Panel WAV/MP3 Capture (Recording) Function Segment Timer Console On Air Status Panel Multi Function LED Displays Master Volume Control Band-Pass Hi-Lo Filter Compressor/Limiter Modular 3-Band Parametric Equalizer Automatic Gain Control, Dynamic Amp Pro Sampler, 8-pad controller DJ mixer w/ Smart Crossfading and Autoplay 10-Band Precision Equalizer MP3 Track Spectrum Analyzer Royalty Free Jingles Library Royalty Free Sound Effects Library Mix Level Control Panel Radio Automation Suite Automation Status Panel Dual Deck Playlist Autiomation Player Playlist Creator/Editor with Time Management



(Icecast & SHOUTcast Studio)



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PRT Broadcaster STUDIO 2017

Broadcast Encoder, DSP Effects, Simulcast, DJ Mixer, Sampler, Radio Automation

Today’s distributed operations demand a strong, flexible, and easy-to-use radio automation system to keep stations sounding great around the clock.

"Radio Automation Suite without the complexity..."

That's right. Now you can streamline your operations and maximize revenue in one comprehensive platform through PRT Broadcaster STUDIO. Managing all 168 hours in a week and creating custom playlists and on-air segments has never been easier. Our team has developed the most inexpensive yet highly sophisticated tool that you can customize with total ease.

Set it to play and walk away is our new mantra. Radio Automation has never been easier.

With the PRT Broadcaster LIVE and STUDIO versions you now have the POWER of PRO AUDIO for every recording session and live broadcast. Each version comes with incredible DSP effects that will instantly make you sound amazing in addition to saving you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS.

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PRT Radio Automation Suite

The latest radio automation software suite

Designed as a professional broadcast tool to connect your listeners via an advanced audio source with a 168-hour managed playlist system that is Network & Internet-ready. Our radio automation suite is a unique and professional software based system with a rackmount style UI made for any online or terrestrial station, plus digital storage that is only limited to what your PC, Laptop or NAS (network attached storage) provides.

The radio automation suite comes with a full set of professional time LEDs for up to the second status and a set of royalty-free sound effects, sweepers, and music beds for your custom playlists. Every playlist, schedule and show you make backed up to any location you want via our integrated database backup recovery system. And as with all our products, the Radio Automation Suite is backed by the best support in the industry.

(Broadcast Encoder, DSP Effects, Simulcast, DJ Mixer, Sampler, Radio Automation)



Digital Signal Processing

(Bandpass Hi-Lo Filter, Compressor/Limiter, Modular 3-Band Parametric Equalizer, Automatic Gain Control)


Band-Pass Hi-Lo Filter
A band-pass filter is a device that passes frequencies within a certain range and rejects (attenuates) frequencies outside that range. This tool uses both Hi and Lo (low) filters simultaneously to filter out sounds outside the voice range. It is designed to remove ancillary noise/sound and just focus on the voice.

Comp-Pro, Compressor/Limiter
A limiter is a compressor with a high ratio, and is used to make sure a signal doesn't get much louder than the threshold level. A comp/limiter works by turning down the volume, so softer background sound will be ducked, which may make the compression more obvious.

Modular 3-Band Parametric Equalizer
An equalizer allows the sound in specified frequency bands to be amplified or reduced, in order to adjust the quality and character of the sound.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Dynamic Amp
The Automatic Gain Control (AGC) works like a sound engineer with a finger on the input fader. It adjusts the gain of a channel based on how loud or soft the input signal is. If the input is loud, the gain is turned down. If the input is soft, the gain is turned up.

DSP Rack Effects



2 Channel Production Mixer

(Production Management)

"Broadcasting is Easy..."

Shown here is the 'Production Mixer' of PRT Broadcaster. It contains the two Audio Out/In mixer levels that puts you in complete control of your recording or broadcasting session. And the main mixer unleashes all the awesome tools that each PRT Broadcaster 'flavor' has to offer.

So while the 'Production Mixer' is the core of all three PRT Brodcaster flavors, the Encoder (also shown here) is the heart of BROADCASTING. From the Encoder you can setup and monitor each SHOUTcast™ channel. In addition, both the LIVE and STUDIO editions can relay or simulcast to thousands of additional listeners. The only thing holding your numbers back is the level of hosting you get for SHOUTcast™.

2 Channel Production Mixer



SHOUTcast™ "LIVE STREAM" Encoder

(Stream Management)

"Radio Automation has never been Easier..."

In addition to FULL Radio Automation, you can now LIVE STREAM from anywhere using the same app. No need to buy anything else. Our default stream and relay/simulcast screens show you all the stats on each channel during both Broadcasting and Live Streaming.

Just plug in your own mic or external mixer with OUTBOARD GEAR and the world is now listening to your event.

SHOUTcast™ "LIVE STREAM" Encoder



Sample Pad Controller


Pro Sampler
Our sampler is an 8-pad controller and comes with a set of royalty-free built-in sound effects, sweepers, and music beds, pre-assigned to configurable buttons. It comes with an advanced playlist maker that allows you to define "whatever" sounds you want displayed/programmed to the controller and in any order you want. Designed for pre-recordings and live shows you can load songs, commercials, intros/outros, etc. making this tool very versatile and ready-made for your production.

(Sample Pad Controller)



DJM-100 pro-DJ mixer


Pro DJ mixer
The DJM-100, which features our advanced software mixing process and 10-band precision equalizer for a warmer, more nuanced sound. We’ve fine-tuned the EQ and enhanced the fader curves to give you even more creative choice. Plus the versatile DJM-100 has two audio decks with our AUTO-PLAY feature giving you flexibility to set it up your way.

(DJM-100 pro-DJ mixer)



Manual (Interview/Segment) Timer

(Time Management)

"Keep control of your production..."

Our manual timer allows you to keep precision time for interviews, commercials, voice over segments or any type of planned/live recording. Ideally this tool is made for the interviewer. Whether it is a 15-minute interview segment or a whole hour, this tool can help you plan breaks for commercials PSA's or any break during your session.

Manual (Interview/Segment) Timer



Master Volume

(Sound Management)

The system volume control is unique in that it does not affect the outbound SHOUTcast Stream. In addition, this control works at the OS level to control the volume of the System.

Master Volume