"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor." -Vince Lombardi

And we firmly believe in that statement. In fact, our team is built upon the idea that the software we make is the best in its class. PRT Broadcaster came about because a group of us worked together back in 2012-2013 on our online radio station (Sceptre Radio Network). Back then the software options were very limited and strangely enough, they still are. There are just a couple of choices that are supported and lots of buggy non-supported alternatives. So we decided to do something about it because Internet Radio seems to be sticking around and GROWING like crazy.

From 2014 (all of us in our spare time) have been steadily working on SHOUTcast software solutions to make broadcasting and producing easier for everyone. This past year (2016) our team received additional support that allowed us to begin full time development. Friends and family came together to make this software a reality and we are truly grateful to them.

We are so proud of PRT Broadcaster in addition to PRT Mix, yet another excellent software tool we created. Everything we've developed was done with full consideration of the issues and concerns that Podcast and SHOUTcast users brought to our attention over the past few years. Our goal was to rewrite the page on how to stream broadcasts and do Podcasts. We feel that we have done it. But we won't stop there because our goal is to innovate, provide more features and continue to update our work for the users.

Stay with us as we deliver on our commitment to INTERNET RADIO awesomeness.